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Talking in Memphis

Talking in Memphis

Connect to New Memphis alumni to grow your network and gain firsthand knowledge of Memphis to help you land your next job!

New Memphis Mentors

These professionals in Memphis want to connect with the future of Memphis (that’s you!) so they can pay forward the great lessons they’ve picked up along their own journeys. These community members range from those new in their careers all the way to the executive suites, and they’re all eager to talk with you, answer your questions, and learn from your experiences too! 

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Are you a professional wanting to become a mentor?  Email Caleb at!

Erin Arbogast

ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Richard Boyette


Alexandria Grant

A.Nicole, LLC

Venki Mandapati


David Oppong

Allworld Project Management

Will Tracy


Matthew Bennett

Varis Procurement

Maliq Brewster

FedEx Services

Desmond Jackson


Sylvester Miller II


Justin Perry

First Horizon Bank

Nina Vongchampa


Courtney Blackburn

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

Sarah Cai

Good Fortune Company

Yumiko Jones

Lockheed Martin

Johnathan Moffett


Savannah Sharp

Adams Keegan

"I'm excited to expose students to different industries, understand their life and career goals, share about companies that I've worked for that are hiring, and serve as a reference"

- Venki Mandapati

"Mentors made a huge difference in me pursuing this career path.  I had a mentor who looked like me in the same industry.  I look forward to learning from students how I can become a better leader"

- Sarah Cai

"I love Memphis and I'm energized by the opportunity to meet people who moved here and give them recommendations and encourage talented people to stay."

- Richard Boyette

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